"It's all in the Perspective"

 My paintings

 All the paintings on this site are copyrighted Kathleen Diane (Richard) Peters.
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Artist Statement 

Have you taken time lately to stop where you are for a couple minutes and just observe your surroundings? My paintings are about those moments. Wherever I am and no matter what I am doing I take time to be still in this crazy, busy life and just take in all that surrounds me. I often look at things from a different perspective. Perspective is intriguing to me and can bring a unique feeling to a work of art. I capture those moments of stillness and unique perspectives in my camera first and then I transpose them to my canvas through the use of oil paints. I enjoy working with oils because of their fluidity and intense hues. I enjoy the use of color and how the colors play with one another on the canvas to create a certain mood. My paintings usually have a theme or are based on a particular emotion that the subject matter represents to me. Primarily though, painting is my escape from the pressures of every day life. My faith which carries me through life also plays a very important role in the works of art that I have created. I thank God for His many blessings and I remember what God tells us in His word:

“Be still and know that I am God”–Psalm 46:10 NKJV

–Kathleen D. Peters  contact me.

Artist Biography

I was born in York, Pennsylvania. I have loved painting and drawing since I was very young. My foundest memory is sitting at my grandmother's dining room table and learning to draw from some very old drawing books that belonged to her. I remember desiring to learn how to draw three dimensionally and using perspective at an early age. I also enjoyed painting at an early age. I graduated from Kutztown University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design. While at Kutztown University I took as many painting classes as my schedule would allow. I fell in love with oil painting as soon as I was introduced to it. I graduated and worked as a graphic designer for a publishing company and wholesale craft company in Pennsylvania. I then took time off when my three children were born. As my youngest entered first grade I began to think about what career I would pursue. My love of painting was always pulling at my heart. In February of 2009 my mother passed away. I miss her greatly but I always remember her encouraging me to follow my dreams and that is exactly what I did. In November 2009 Kathleen’s Creative Corner was born. It is my graphic design and fine art studio. I began painting again. I am inspired by nature and people and especially intriguing perspectives. The three most notable shows my work has been exhibited in included the 25th International Juried Show at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey with Joan Young, Director, Curatorial Affairs at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum as juror, the 41st Annual Open Juried Exhibit at the York Art Association and the 2012 National Juried Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lynchburg, Virginia with Lee Sandstead as juror. I have also participated in the Patriot News Artsfest and Yorkfest. I moved to Nashville in March of 2022 to begin a new adventure. I am thoroughly enjoying living in this city and all that it has to offer.

–Kathleen D. Peters


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